For several years, we have been coaching executives and leaders with a bespoke program to help them with their career development and management effectiveness. With the increase in demand of this service, Caliper is proud to launch our new Executive Coaching Program spearheaded by Managing Director, Patrick Farrell.

This Coaching Program is a powerful process that supports ongoing change and goal attainment by helping current and future managers understand their individual management styles, how well their approach is working for them, and how they can work more effectively.


Benefit to the Organisation

While Caliper’s Executive Coaching focuses on the participant, there is also a strong return on investment to the organization – a much stronger return than traditional classroom-style training. Executive Coaching uses current work issues as its foundation, and this gives participants the opportunity to apply the techniques they have learned to address real-life challenges. They can then discuss the outcome with their Executive Coach, so growth is fast and effective.


The program itself is customised to the development needs of the individual, but follows a basic structure:


  • Caliper Profile debrief
    In depth analysis of innate traits, behavioural tendencies, strengths and areas of challenge


  • Behavioural Analysis
    Analysis of Adaptive and Compensatory strategies


  • Ten Individual Coaching sessions

          Face to face or online 90 minute coaching sessions


  • Caliper 360 Plus Feedback (Optional)
    Analysis of 360 feedback from peers, reports, manager, customers to evaluate behavioural changes


  • Stakeholder review (Optional)

         Review with line manager and coaches



Program duration

The Executive Coaching Program lasts for twelve-months with an option to renew.


As a part of Caliper’s Executive Coaching Program launch, we are proud to offer current clients an initial coaching session with Patrick free of charge as a trial of the program.

To receive more information about this program, please email us or book in an initial Caliper Coaching Program session, please contact us at or +61 3 9510 5158