In the first of Caliper’s ten part series looking at how to recruit, develop and train the right people, Shaun Farrell of Caliper Australia and Phil Webster of Align Recruitment outline how writing an effective job ad is the first vital step in hiring an ideal employee.

Your recruitment process begins when you advertise for a position.

Most businesses feel the pain of a poorly written job ad in one of two ways: either they are receiving too few applications, or they’re simply flooded with resumes from unqualified candidates.

Creating a job advertisement needs to be as well thought out as the interview, final decision, training, and development processes. If an advertisement is targeted and well written, your likelihood of attracting the right applicants for the position skyrocket.

This makes your shortlisting and decision-making process much more efficient, and has the added benefit of ensuring you know exactly what the role requires and what you’re looking for in an applicant.

 Writing an ideal job advertisement

A recruiting manager needs to know how to get a candidate’s attention, spark their interest in the position, make them want to apply, and call them to action.

To do this they need to know the specifics of the role, and ensure the advertisement echoes the current needs of the position. An out-of-date description will not attract a candidate who will reflect your organisation’s current culture or support the company moving forward.

There are five key questions that every hiring manager needs to be able to answer:

What are the daily requirements of the position?

  • What attributes and traits would our ideal employee possess?
  • What are the essential skills needed for the role?
  • What does success look like?
  • What do top performers need to achieve both now and looking forward?

Using these key questions, you can then write a job description that targets the ideal employee for your exact needs.

Identifying and targeting that ideal niche in order to attract the perfect candidate is an essential part of the hiring process.

At Caliper we see far too many applicants come through our personality assessment that simply should not have been shortlisted in the first place.  Our clients often complain of a poor field of candidates that leave them little choice.   Our first piece of advice is to revisit the job ad, to make sure you’re communication with a field of suitable applicants and hiring the individual who will help ensure your business grows and succeeds into the future.