In our fourth article of this hiring timeline series, we discuss the potential pitfalls that can result from poorly chosen candidate assessment.

Personality assessment tools can be highly effective in supporting a hiring decision. But they can be just as easily misused and misinterpreted.

Most important when looking for a personality assessment tool is understanding that they are not all created equal. There are many services that are far too superficial to be able to provide the deep insight needed to make evidence based conclusions.

Each job type, and indeed each individual position, is unique. In much the same way that a hiring manager should know about the organisation and the role in question, the assessment tool should be custom built. In this way you are guaranteed to get insights specific to your organisation, resulting in superior hiring decisions and low staff turnover.


However, even the best assessment tool is ineffective it is misinterpreted. Which means an assessment service should involve expert interpretation. At Caliper, for example, we provide reports created by trained and accredited practitioners. These practitioners draw on 50 years of research and refinement to provide expert insight and job-specific suggestions.

Part of our expert insight includes understanding the limitations of these testing services. Identifying candidate weaknesses may not mean that individual is unsuitable. Instead, it should be considered a point of focus. For example, it may provide an opportunity for a candidate to outline in an interview ways in which they are able to overcome their limitation. Or it could highlight an area of training that will need to be shored up within the employee integration stage.

Whether you are deciding to use a personality assessment tool to compare candidates, or eliminate from a larger pool, it essential to understand what, when, where, and how it should be used. Assessment services such as Caliper are only as good as the candidates provided and only as effective as the process they are brought into. If testing is administered in a process that is precise, research-driven, and role-specific it will result in highly successful hiring decisions.