Property management departments are consistently bogged down by administrative work rather than focusing on key business relationships.  Caliper and the team at OrigoBPO are partnering to assist agencies to get rid of all the noise, improve efficiency, and save money at the same time.

At Caliper, we are excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with the team at Origo BPO, another Australian-owned company specialising in offshoring the most frustrating parts of property management to the Philippines. Their service and expertise in outsourcing, coupled with our experience in helping you find just the right people for your team is a winning combination.

A different kind of outsourcing

For years Caliper has been helping real estate agencies develop high performing Property Management departments.  Through analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of people in the industry, it has become apparent that property managers are often held back, overwhelmed or simply frustrated by the sheer administrative requirements of the role.  Unfortunately, the simple solution of appointing more staff in support roles isn’t always realistic from a cost perspective.

In 2016 OrigoBPO approached Caliper with a desire to work with the real estate industry using a drastically different model of business process outsourcing.  This approach involves assessing the potential of full-time, dedicated Filipino candidates to suit each agency’s specific needs in property management support roles.  Unlike other outsourcing models that appoint part-time Virtual Assistants that may work for several clients, Origo’s emphasis on hiring the right talent to support the property management department is holistic and in-depth.

According to Scott McGrath, Sales Director at OrigoBPO, there are many benefits to operating with a remote, global workforce, and the biggest one is the impact it has on efficiency. With offshore employees concentrating on mundane business processes such as data entry, reconciliations and customer service tasks, this frees up your property manager to concentrate on the core functions of their job.

“The impact is on efficiency; and the benefit is time,” says McGrath. “The increase in productivity from outsourcing is often around 30%, but can be as high as 70%. Now your team of two or five in the office is much more efficient, and can work on more important tasks.”

McGrath also acknowledges that the savings on wages, when compared to Australian standards, can also be up to 70 or 80%. However, he advises that this should not be your main reason for outsourcing. It is merely a fringe benefit.

“The number of offshore workers you need is really dependent on your business and how technology-driven you are. It may be that one or two is enough, or you may need more. The only caveat is that real estate is a highly-regulated industry in Australia, so care should be exercised that only fully-qualified staff perform roles that require certification, such as contacting Australian clients.”

And this is another area where Caliper’s talent assessment and profiling services can help. Caliper works with Origo to ensure that the overseas placements are the right fit for their clients, matching the skill set required in the role to the characteristics required in the role. This ensures a good alignment between the responsibilities and the strengths of the individual.

“A property manager needs to know that every document is going to be filled out correctly, and every process is followed,” says McGrath. “Using the Caliper Profile, we assess on competencies such as extended task focus, time management, accountability and adherence to rules, policies and procedures. This ensures that the client has peace of mind that the job will be done right.”

Origo BPO’s main point of difference from other outsourcing companies is the commitment to consistency and accountability, achieved by only providing full time employees to Australian businesses.

Origo BPO believes that “a dedicated commitment ensures that our offshore team members are totally focused on the one business and their required outcomes.”

For more information about how Origo can assist with finding an outsourced resource for your property management department, call Origo on 1300 142 799 and quote the term ‘Caliper’ to access special partner rates.

An offshore team may be just what your organisation needs to be the best it can be.