Caliper launches new suite of Personality Profile reports in Australia and extends competency library.

The Caliper report has been used over 6 million times for selection, development and leadership planning for over 30,000 + companies across the globe. Caliper’s new suite of intuitive reports, Caliper Essentials is built upon Caliper’s on-going leading edge psychometric science research, resulting in what is regarded as one of the world’s most highly validated and scientifically accurate personality assessment tools.

The Caliper Essentials report provides insight into an individual’s personality dynamics as compared against a scientifically validated variety of 52 different job models. The report displays the strengths and challenges that an individual is likely to experience in the competencies required by the role.

It utilises competencies measured by the Caliper Profile to include a job fit score, a competency overview, a breakdown of strengths and possible challenges, along with the candidate’s trait scores.


Essentials is a holistic talent-alignment solution that covers the entire employee lifecycle, from pre-hire selection through to succession management. In other words, Caliper Essentials is your one-stop shop and as always, one assessment, multiple reporting options.




See for yourself…

–  Selection sample 

–  Highlights sample 

–  Development sample 

–  Coaching sample

* Essentials also adds the features customers asked for: motivators, stressors, and manager tips mapped to assessee results.





How does it work?

Each candidate completes the Caliper Profile questionnaire, which takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Assessments are completed online on any computer, tablet or smart phone. The results are immediately available via an online portal.

Caliper Essentials reports are available for a variety of 52 researched and validated job models, covering areas such as Sales, Service, Technical, Operations, Human Resources, Marketing, and Manufacturing.




You can view an interactive sample report preview here.

To request a specific sample report or speak to a Caliper Consultant please click here.