With the Caliper’s Advisor Competency Report for Technical, you will gain a clear, accurate picture of an individual’s strengths, limitations and overall potential.

This product features:

  • A comprehensive report that supports selection and development
  • A detailed analysis of the individual’s strengths and opportunities for development
  • Descriptions of potential competencies and representative behaviours in practical, intuitive terms
  • A phone consultation to help you understand the report and its implications
  • Behavioural-based interview questions tailored to assessment results in recruitment reports
  • Managing for Success suggestions, which include coaching recommendations and tips for working with the individual
  • A Function-Fit index and/or Caliper Consultant’s recommendation can be included.

This is a general-purpose model for roles in a Technical context. It could be used to assess positions where the incumbent needs to understand technical or complex issues, produce high-quality work outputs, and function effectively as part of a team effort.


Analytical Thinking – Technical professionals grasp the underlying concepts in complex information, are able to identify root causes of problems, and formulate solutions based on a synthesis of information.

Deliberative Decision Making – They gather, consider, and evaluate all relevant information to make logical conclusions before being moved to action.

Quality Focus – They ensure that all work in one’s own area of the business, throughout the organisation, by vendors, suppliers, etc. is performed with excellence and to high standards for quality and integrity.

Adaptability – People in Technical roles demonstrate the ability to work effectively and shift course when external influences affect an initial plan, condition, or situation. They are willing to change their own ideas or perceptions on the basis of new information or evidence.

Collaboration and Teamwork – They work interdependently and collaboratively with others to achieve mutual goals. They subordinate individual aims in the interest of working with others in a way that promotes and encourages each person’s contributions toward achieving optimal outcomes.

Communicating – Technical professionals provide the information required by others in a concise, direct, and unambiguous way. They perceive how the message affects the receiver and strive to ensure that the receiver clearly understands the specifics and function of the message.

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