With the Caliper’s Advisor Competency Report for Technical Design Specialist, you will gain a clear, accurate picture of an individual’s strengths, limitations and overall potential.

This product features:

  • A comprehensive report that supports selection and development
  • A detailed analysis of the individual’s strengths and opportunities for development
  • Descriptions of potential competencies and representative behaviours in practical, intuitive terms
  • A phone consultation to help you understand the report and its implications
  • Behavioural-based interview questions tailored to assessment results in recruitment reports
  • Managing for Success suggestions, which include coaching recommendations and tips for working with the individual
  • A Function-Fit index and/or Caliper Consultant’s recommendation can be included.

Technical Design Specialists research, develop, and test complex products, tools, or systems, such as computer networks, software applications, manufacturing equipment, or other forms of intellectual property. They gather and analyse information to develop specifications, or to understand those provided. Technical Design Specialists may need to use creativity to overcome unexpected or complicated challenges in the process of designing a high-quality output within budgetary and time-frame constraints.

Examples of Technical Design Specialist Positions are:
Computer Programmer, Mechanical Engineer, Database Administrator, Network Administrator, Systems Designer, Software Developer, Mechanical Designer.


Analytical Thinking – Technical Design Specialists are able to grasp the underlying concepts in complex information, identify root causes of problems, and formulate solutions based on a synthesis of information.

Information Seeking – They are driven by an underlying curiosity and desire to know more about things, people, or issues. This involves going beyond routine questions and includes digging or pressing for exact information; resolving discrepancies by asking a series of questions; or conducting less-focused environmental scanning for opportunities or miscellaneous information that may be used in the future.

Creativity and Innovation – They tend toward divergent thinking and the propensity to question existing practices; challenge commonly held assumptions; originate new or radical alternatives to traditional methods, processes, and products; and build on others’ ideas.

Learning Agility – They discern patterns in data, recognise relationships between concepts, and rapidly apply learning from one context to solve analogous problems in different contexts.

Quality Focus – They ensure that all work in one’s own area of the business, throughout the organisation, by vendors, suppliers, etc. is performed with excellence and to high standards for quality and integrity.

Initiating Action – Technical Design Specialists tend to be self-starters and to take a lead role in improving or enhancing a product or service, avoiding problems, or developing entrepreneurial opportunities. They often demonstrate a positive attitude toward getting things done and seek out additional responsibilities that may go beyond the scope of their formal job description.

Time Management – They focus on completing all work tasks in a timely manner while remaining responsive enough to react to competing demands and shifting priorities. Technical Design Specialists are able to manage multiple responsibilities while being organised, keeping on top of important time-sensitive tasks, and performing all work accurately.

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