The Real Estate Team Talent Audit allows Principals and Managers to truly understand the strengths and weaknesses of their agency.

Caliper’s Real Estate Team Talent Audit provides an agency with a clear and concise view of the current talent pool; where each individual is likely to best be deployed, and any training or development gaps.

This allows the Principal or management team to evaluate the potential of their sales team, property management department, admin and support staff, and management team.

The Team Talent Audit answers key talent management questions for a real estate business:

  1. Do the sales team have the key drivers for success?
  2. Can we re-organise the teams for greater effectiveness?
  3. Do the property managers have the capacity to effectively manage, or build the rent roll?
  4. Is there anyone in the team who can ‘step up’ in to another role?
  5. What do we need to look for in terms of recruiting new staff to fill the gaps in the current team?

This report, made up of the Caliper Profile results of all participants, is delivered with a two hour debrief from a Caliper Consultant to explain the results of the Audit Report, including suggestions for employee development.

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Case Study

DiJones Realty

DiJones Realty, a leading real estate agency in Woollahra, Sydney, originally engaged Caliper to assist in selecting the right candidates for various positions using the insights from the Caliper Profile.

Caliper was then asked whether the Caliper Profile could be used to evaluate the potential of the entire agency to assist them in gaining a greater understanding of those currently employed.

The project emphasised providing feedback not just to the leadership team, but to the staff members themselves in order to facilitate career development and assist in improving performance.

Caliper Profiles were prepared for over 30 individuals and a half-day workshop run to help each participant understand their performance drivers and inhibitors for their current roles, and what they could do to improve workplace performance. This workshop also allowed them to understand the personality characteristics of those around them, and work more effectively within teams.

After the workshop, a Real Estate Team Talent Audit was prepared and delivered to the leadership team in order to help them understand the strengths and weaknesses in their sales team, property management department and administrative team. This allowed the leadership team to evaluate whether each individual was in the right role in the business, how they could be trained or mentored to improve performance, and which staff had the potential to ‘step up’ in to other roles in the future.