Our reports predict job performance to help you make better recruitment and talent management decisions.

Since its inception in 2001, Caliper Australia has specialised in removing uncertainty and ‘gut feel’ from real estate recruitment by accurately predicting job performance.

The suite of Caliper Real Estate Profiles is the starting point for making solid, well informed recruitment decisions.

With one of the most in-depth personality assessment tools available, Caliper provides its clients with clear and definitive information as to a candidate’s innate potential for success by measuring their strengths, limitations, motivations and potential against a real estate roles.

After an individual completes the Caliper online questionnaire, our consultants provide you with two vital pieces of information to help guide your decision: firstly, we’ll email you a concise, easy to read report tailored to fit the particular role you’re recruiting for.  We’ll then provide you with a personalised telephone consultation to make sure you receive relevant, valuable insights regarding the implications of the results and what they’ll mean for your business should you hire the candidate.

Request a sample report now or call us to find out more about our suite of real estate profile reports.

Caliper Real Estate Sales Profile

The Caliper Real Estate Sales Profile separates identifies those that have the internal drive and motivation to succeed in real estate sales.

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Caliper Real Estate Property Manager Profile

There are four key characteristics that make up a top performing property manager – are you recruiting against these performance drivers?

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Caliper Real Estate Commercial Sales and Leasing Profile

Identify whether your candidates have what it takes to succeed in commercial sales and leasing before you make a hiring decision.

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Caliper Real Estate Business Development Manager Profile

The key to hiring a great BDM is to know their potential to connect and sell to your ideal property owners before you employ them.

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