Caliper’s one day workshop teaches your staff how to make the most out of every client interaction and opportunity.

Every transaction between a customer and any staff member is an opportunity.

That opportunity may result in an enhanced customer relationship, with a satisfied customer who is enthusiastic about referring your company to others, or conversely an unhappy customer feeling disgruntled and dissatisfied.

Responding effectively to customers, and creating the environment for productive transactions to ocurr requires a high level of situational awareness, as well as practical skills and techniques for managing the transaction effectively.

The topic areas to be covered in this one day program include:

  • The Transactional Model of Customer Interaction
  • Maintaining the balance between relationship building and outcome achievement
  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • The importance of empathy – the guidance system for responding
  • Drawing the boundaries and maintaining focus
  • Developing protocols and ‘tracks’ for dealing with different situations
  • Self-management processes

The workshop will be focused on developing a practical and ‘hands on’ approach to managing issues relevant to your business and customer interactions, and as such will utilise case studies, simulations and role plays that are directly relevant to the nature of the work performed by the program participants.

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