This one day workshop builds the skills necessary to lead and manage a team.

Leaders of teams need to have a clear understanding of the processes involved in uniting a group to a common cause, and maximising the individual and shared contributions of each team member.

The Caliper Leading and Managing a Team workshop is designed for those individuals who are required to bring together others in a team environment to achieve common goals.

This workshop builds the skills of participants to allow them to:

  1. Establish a clearly defined purpose and shared vision for a team
  2. Establish and operate within a framework of a powerful commitment to shared values
  3. Have a clear understanding of the individual strengths and limitations of team members
  4. Have mechanisms in place to allow team members to challenge themselves and each other to achieve optimal performance

Great leaders recognise that results are achieved through the performance of others.  This workshop teaches the skills necessary to drive team performance.

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