Identify a team members job-related strengths and motivations with the Individual Development Guide.

Caliper’s Individual Developmental Guide (IDG), a special report derived from the results of the Caliper Profile, provides a wealth of information to help you devise a developmental program for each employee, and conduct in-depth coaching sessions.

As a manager, you can work with each individual to facilitate a positive exchange of ideas about what they need to do to keep growing with your company.

We begin by identifying what really motivates an employee. For example, some people are motivated by winning or achieving persuasive victory, others seek recognition, and others prefer a highly structured work environment.

An awareness of what makes them tick can help an employee adapt more effectively to different people and changing conditions.

From a manager’s perspective, knowing what motivates each employee can help you become a more effective coach, open lines of communication and increase productivity.

The IDG highlights job-related strengths, such as empathy, self confidence, or a willingness to take risks. An individual’s assets might also include qualities like organisational ability, thoroughness in decision-making, or a strong detail orientation. With this knowledge, your employees can look for opportunities that play to, fully utilise, and build on strengths.

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