Successful people are those in roles that play to their natural strengths and characteristics, not just their qualification.

Success in an organisational setting requires a number of attributes beyond intellectual capability.  While academic scores are of considerable importance, some of the best qualified individuals never make it in the business environment.

To be successful in a modern organisation, an individual needs to demonstrate the potential to achieve individual goals and targets, as well as work with others in a collaborative manner.

The Caliper Graduate Potential Assessment identifies an individual’s potential to:

  1. Demonstrate the capacity to solve problems and learn from experience
  2. Demonstrate self discipline and the ability to manage tasks and time
  3. Demonstrate the capacity to collaborate with others to collectively develop innovative approaches to meeting challenges
  4. Demonstrate the capacity to stay focused on the task at hand and deal with set backs and disappointments in a mature and stable manner

As such, the Caliper Graduate Potential Assessment allows an organisation to assess a candidate’s potential in four key competency areas: Problem Solving, Structure & Discipline, Collaboration and Innovation, and Self Management.

This ensures that each successful applicant has the innate characteristics to succeed at an organisation, rather than just the academic qualification.

This Caliper assessment is suitable for both small and large amounts of applicants.

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