With the Caliper’s Advisor Competency Report for Customer Service Representative, you will gain a clear, accurate picture of an individual’s strengths, limitations and overall potential.

This product features:

  • A comprehensive report that supports selection and development
  • A detailed analysis of the individual’s strengths and opportunities for development
  • Descriptions of potential competencies and representative behaviours in practical, intuitive terms
  • A phone consultation to help you understand the report and its implications
  • Behavioural-based interview questions tailored to assessment results in recruitment reports
  • Managing for Success suggestions, which include coaching recommendations and tips for working with the individual
  • A Function-Fit index and/or Caliper Consultant’s recommendation can be included.

Customer Service Representatives provide after-sale support to enhance or maintain the value of the product or service purchased. They assist customers by answering questions, processing requests, handling complaints, and providing product or service support in order to ensure customer satisfaction. They are expected to place appropriate emphasis on quality of service and speed of response in their performance while upholding the organisation’s goals.

Examples of Customer Service Representative Positions are:
Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Agent, Client Services Representative, Customer Care Representative, Sales Coordinator, Claims Representative.


Service Focus – They place emphasis on creating customer loyalty by continually enhancing the customer experience. This relates to the capacity to identify and understand the needs of customers, manage expectations, and prioritize meeting and exceeding those needs.

Accountability – They take responsibility for their own performance and accept full ownership of issues, problems, and opportunities, regardless of the source.

Composure and Resiliency – They are able to deal effectively with pressure, maintain focus and intensity, and remain optimistic and persistent, even under adversity. This includes the ability and propensity to recover quickly from setbacks, rejections, and conflicts and to maintain self-control in the face of hostility or provocation.

Professionalism – They set high standards and serve as role models for work performance, ethical conduct, and respect for others. They consistently conduct themselves in a manner that is aligned with generally accepted values and within the guidelines and best practices of their chosen profession.

Time Management – They focus on completing all work tasks in a timely manner, while remaining responsive enough to react to competing demands and shifting priorities. They are able to manage multiple responsibilities while being organised, keeping on top of important time-sensitive tasks, and performing all work accurately.

Communicating – Customer Service Representatives provide the information required by others in a concise, direct, and unambiguous way. They perceive how their message affects the receiver and strive to ensure that the receiver clearly understands the specifics and function of the message.

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