The Caliper Real Estate Sales Profile identifies those that have the internal drive and motivation to succeed in real estate sales.

Most Principals and hiring managers in real estate are looking for candidates that possess the ‘X Factor’ in sales – an intangible, internal drive for success.

Unfortunately, a lot hiring managers are fooled into thinking candidates have this ‘X Factor’ when an individual displays a sociable, outgoing nature, and gives us a positive ‘gut feel’ about them.

Through 14 years working with the real estate industry, Caliper has discovered that it is the presence of a combination of personality traits that provides the greatest indication of an individual’s potential for success.

Out of the 23 personality traits measured in the Caliper Real Estate Sales Profile, by far the most important trait measured in successful real estate agents is ‘Ego-Drive’.  The X Factor.

This unique Caliper trait measures whether an individual is internally motivated to persuade others to say ‘yes’ to their proposals.  More than any other industry that Caliper Australia works in, this trait proves absolutely essential in real estate.  It doesn’t matter whether the person is friendly, sociable or presentable – if Ego-Drive is missing from the profile, we don’t expect to see high performance in real estate sales.

The Caliper system also measures elements such as the resilience to bounce back from the inevitable ‘Not interested’, the urgency to push for quick decisions and move quickly on opportunities, the self-discipline to stay on track, and the ability to push past objections.

Your Caliper Consultant will detail your candidate’s strengths, their potential weaknesses, and help you make your most informed hiring decisions ever.

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