Identify whether your candidates have what it takes to succeed in commercial sales and leasing before you make a hiring decision.

Top Commercial Sales and Leasing professionals have the intrinsic values, motivators and potential for the particular role, agency and marketplace they’re in. They’re ‘hardwired’ to win commitments, negotiate sales and leasing contracts, secure long term contracts and build relationships.

The Caliper Commercial Sales and Leasing Profile measures an individual’s potential to succeed in the job by identifying a candidate’s strengths, potential limitations and overall potential to perform at your agency.

The Caliper Profile is one of the world’s most in-depth and accurate personality assessment instruments, measuring over 23 personality traits as well as a problem solving component, in order to predict job performance.

Most hiring managers are aware of the cost of hiring the wrong sales and leasing consultant. The Caliper Commercial Sales and Leasing Profile takes out the guess work and removes ‘gut feel’, to give the hiring manager the clarity they need to make their most informed recruitment decisions ever.

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