The key to hiring a great BDM is to know their potential to connect and sell to your ideal property owners before you employ them.

Recruiting BDMs who can consistently build the rent roll remains one of the biggest challenges for any agency.

A lot of hiring managers look predominantly for great relationship skills in their next BDM. These skills will obviously impress a property owner and build a trust relationship. What an agency often fails to identify however, is whether those interpersonal skills are complemented with the innate drive to sell.

The great business development manager is not a property manager.  They are in fact very similar in many ways to a successful real estate sales agent.  There are however, some key differences.

Firstly, the Caliper trait of Empathy is more important in this role.  This ability to ‘read the play’ and adapt according to the prospect’s subtle cues allows the successful BDM to tailor their sales approach accordingly.

Secondly, the Caliper trait of Sociability is given more weight in the profile, given the benefits of a strong ongoing relationship with the property owner, which could potentially lead to further business through property portfolio expansion or referral.

Top BDMs can not only make a great first impression and build a relationship, they also have the intrinsic values, motivators and potential to adapt to their audience and sell the agencies property management department. They’re ‘hardwired’ to bring on new clients, and driven by the thrill of getting a ‘yes’ from a property owner.

The Caliper Business Development Manager Profile measures whether your candidate or staff member has the necessary potential to build one of your most valuable assets.

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