Caliper’s 360 Plus service helps individuals enhance their self-awareness, open lines of communication, and develop detailed plans for achieving behavioural goals.

As a manager who wants to help employees become as effective as possible,your job is to identify talent, develop it and remove roadblocks. And often, the biggest road-blocks centre around an individual’s lack of awareness of their own performance.

The Caliper 360 model sheds light on areas where employees can improve, especially related to how co-workers and managers feel about their performance, and provides guidance for tapping into their natural strengths and taking the steps necessary to make real change.

This unique assessment process enables participants to be assessed by their peers, subordinates, managers and even customers on the same behaviours that are measured in the Caliper Profile, providing a clear picture of their workplace behaviour and matching it against their potential.

This enables them to identify:

  • Areas where they are demonstrating effective workplace behaviours
  • Gaps between their own perceptions of their behaviour and those of others around them to identify potential ‘blind spots’
  • Areas of excessive self-criticism, where the individual may underestimate their own performance
  • Suggestions for improvement from various raters

Each individual is provided with two hours of personal feedback from a Caliper Consultant to make sure that the results are delivered in a way that is productive.

In working with their Caliper Consultant, each participant walks out of their 360 Feedback debrief with an Action Plan for ongoing development, and tangible goals to work towards.