Train and Manage Staff

Effective management starts with understanding your employee’s motivational drivers

The least productive time of an employee’s tenure is their on boarding and training period.

The Caliper On Boarding Report is designed to assist you managers to integrate their new employee as seamlessly as possible.

This report identifies an employee’s intrinsic motivators – the range of ‘internal’ driving forces that are important to them, and how they are likely to respond to varying styles of management.


Caliper Motivators Index

Caliper Motivators Index


Each of the motivators from the Caliper index is presented in order of importance, along with a statement regarding the possible implications for work place performance.

The report also provides a manager with some specific suggestions for how to effectively incorporate the awareness of these motivators into management and development strategies.

Manage your employees better, and get them up to speed as quickly as possible with the insights from the Caliper On Boarding Report.

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