With the Caliper’s Advisor Competency Report for Account Service Specialist, you will gain a clear, accurate picture of an individual’s strengths, limitations and overall potential.

This product features:

  • A comprehensive report that supports selection and development
  • A detailed analysis of the individual’s strengths and opportunities for development
  • Descriptions of potential competencies and representative behaviours in practical, intuitive terms
  • A phone consultation to help you understand the report and its implications
  • Behavioural-based interview questions tailored to assessment results in recruitment reports
  • Managing for Success suggestions, which include coaching recommendations and tips for working with the individual
  • A Function-Fit index and/or Caliper Consultant’s recommendation can be included.

Account Service Specialists provide a good customer experience while also engaging in sales behaviors such as cross- or up-selling. They build rapport with clients in order to identify their needs, offer tailored advice about products or services, develop deeper relationships, and create opportunities to generate business by coming through for their customers. Their interactions can be with current customers or prospective buyers who already have interest in the products or services being offered.

Examples of Account Service Specialist Positions are:
Bank Teller, Inside Sales Representative, Call Center Representative, Retail Salesperson, Relationship Manager, Account Manager, Customer Service Representative (Sales).


Service Focus – They place great emphasis on creating customer loyalty by ensuring the highest value of service is always provided and by delivering on commitments to the customer.

Influence and Persuasion – Account Service Specialists use tactics to persuade others to take a specific course of action and establish credibility to sustain the respect of others.

Relationship Building – They develop long-term professional relationships with others and excel at building and maintaining friendly interactions, establishing credibility, and building rapport with individuals or networks of contacts.

Professionalism – They meticulously adhere to values such as courtesy, respect, honesty, and responsibility in all dealings with peers, managers, customers, partners, members of the community, and other stakeholders.

Active Listening – Account Service Specialists enhance mutual understanding in communicating with others by expressing genuine interest in the content and meaning of others’ messages. They ask clarifying questions to ensure understanding and to get more information, and they rephrase what is said to check meaning and interpretation.

Time Management – Account Service Specialists are able to manage multiple responsibilities by being organized and keeping on top of important time-sensitive tasks.

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