A successful team is much like an Olympic 4x100m relay. Each member performs individually at their peak and provides a seamless handover to their teammates. Simply turning up on race day is not a recipe for success. There is a lot of planning, understanding and hard work that goes into building a dream team.

While each member has a vital role; it falls to the team’s coach or recruiter to understand their capabilities and have the game plan to motivate them to achieve the end goal. It is not a stretch to say that a very successful coach knows their team’s individual abilities at a granular level.

In the same way, building high-performance teams in your organisation requires similar levels of insight. Finding the best talent is only one aspect of the journey. Knowing what to do with that talent is the crucial step that can make or break your team. Only with an in-depth understanding of the opportunities (and vulnerabilities) that your candidates present, can you build your dream team with absolute confidence.

The key to superior team performance is integration. This is often overlooked or glossed over by team and HR managers, as the means of measuring this has been less than satisfactory. However this is no longer the case, as there is a system that helps organisations consolidate human resource processes in a way that is only now possible.

Caliper’s new system is based on one of the world’s most accurate and in-depth personality profiling tools, the Caliper Profile. The award-winning system provides insightful information about your candidate’s strengths and weaknesses by measuring 22 personality traits, plus abstract reasoning.

A major advantage is that the assessment output is fully tailored to organisational needs, allowing managers to custom design their assessments by picking competencies and behaviors relevant to each position.

One of the first of its kind, Caliper’s powerful side-by-side comparison feature completes the vision of the candidate’s fit with the role and the organisation – all from an easy-to-use online platform. With these comprehensive capabilities, you can optimise your team’s performance and make informed and efficient recruitment decisions.

Organisations from Fortune 500 companies to leading-edge Start-Ups have utilised Caliper’s system to provide candidate insights, and human resource development.

See the possibility and realise a gold-medal performance. Connect with us today and get the best out of your team.